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About Us

BC-Trade Company is registered in European Union territory and perform broker activities for financial transactions using digital currencies. Our jurisdiction has a high level of trust of our international partners. All company activities are in full compliance with the approved rules and applicable laws of the EU.

Crypto Broker

BC-Trade is a broker company in the cryptocurrency market. We provide you with direct and easy access to several cryptocurrency exchanges via a single page of your Personal Cabinet. For this purpose, you must only go through the registration and verification process once, on our website, and not at each separate cryptocurrency exchange. As soon as it’s done, you can view real-time quotations for principal cryptocurrencies that are available on several exchanges at the same time and perform trading transactions at any of them.

We have designed a simple and user-friendly interface for trading that is not overloaded with technical information. Practically every cryptocurrency exchange features all instruments for displaying charts, filling them with various indicators and performing technical analysis.  This is why we decided to not complicate the trading terminal or to overload it with technical details...

We are not an EXCHANGER! You can see only real exchange quotations, which are easy to check, if you open a website page of the cryptocurrency exchange of your choice and compare the prices.
You can also make payments using VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.
You can transfer cryptocurrency to your personal account for subsequent sale.
The simplicity and the low commission for funds crediting and withdrawal will be a pleasant surprise. Trading commissions are also very low and comparable to the cryptocurrency exchange commissions.
We offer an opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies under real exchange quotations, without having to go through registration and verification on each of those exchanges!
After going through the easy and fast registration and verification process on our portal (which is so much easier than on cryptocurrency exchanges), you gain access to several cryptocurrency exchanges from our list at the same time!
After signing a brokerage services agreement with us, you receive an easy, inexpensive and fast way of transferring and withdrawing funds during cryptocurrency transactions. The brokerage agreement will allow you to make payments via a direct bank transfer to your personal account at our company. This allows you to transfer funds to any cryptocurrency exchange that is available on our list.
By transferring funds or cryptocurrency to your account in your Personal Cabinet, you are able to immediately perform any trading transactions on ANY cryptocurrency exchange from our list of available exchanges under real quotations of the exchange you choose! No other service available on the market, currently has an offer like this!
Market Review

The majority of users currently experiences various difficulties, while working with cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most common issues is the difficulty of user information verification. Among other issues,  the market lacks an integrated service with optimal work conditions. The quotations may be profitable on one exchange today, but tomorrow they'll be profitable on another exchange.  For that reason, users must create accounts on several cryptocurrency exchanges.  Registration on each service requires going through a complicated and time-consuming verification process. Therefore, if you register on several different platforms, the process may take months.

Cryptocurrency exchangers offering intermediary services of purchasing digital currencies, under a so-called simplified scheme, have recently become very common. However, these services have one large disadvantage: they charge a high commission for each transaction. For example, you'll usually have to pay at least 10% of the cryptocurrency price, when performing a transaction. These services do not provide any official cryptocurrency quotations and don't allow you to view the current cryptocurrency exchange rates in real time. They only display sale and purchase prices for digital currencies, that include the 10% extra charge.

Another significant problem is crediting and withdrawing funds from a cryptocurrency exchange. This process is often complicated and costly. Commissions for any kind of transaction can be 5% or more. Since it's impossible to transfer or withdraw funds directly,  it is necessary to use third party payment systems, which also charge commissions. These issues lead to major inconveniences and difficulties when working with cryptocurrencies.

How it works
Credit funds to your account by using VISA/MASTERCARD or PayPal.
Watch your active assets in your Personal Cabinet
Buy or sell cryptocurrency any time and any place
Withdraw funds of cryptocurrency at any time
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Risk Management

BC-Trade activity is fully protected from potential risks. We make every possible effort to ensure the digital security of our users, including hacking, gaining unauthorized access to Personal Cabinet or partners’ scamming activities. Our company’s server equipment is stored with large and reliable service providers that ensure the necessary level of data protection. We choose our partners carefully, thoroughly assess their reliability ratings and use hedging mechanisms where possible, and if required.  We use conservative and low-risk strategies that intended to gain moderate profits with a low level of risk. We have extensive exchange market experience.  That is why we are very serious about risks.

AMP Clearing*
OK Coin

*AMP Clearing has no bearing on cryptocurrency trading. This is our technical partner for risk hedging, internal needs and fiduciary management. We do not use any funds or other assets of our clients in the process of our cooperation with AMP Clearing.