Crypto Broker

BC-Trade is a broker company in the cryptocurrency market. We provide you with direct and easy access to several cryptocurrency exchanges via a single page of your Personal Cabinet. For this purpose, you must only go through the registration and verification process once, on our website, and not at each separate cryptocurrency exchange. As soon as it’s done, you can view real-time quotations for principal cryptocurrencies that are available on several exchanges at the same time and perform trading transactions at any of them.

We have designed a simple and user-friendly interface for trading that is not overloaded with technical information. Practically every cryptocurrency exchange features all instruments for displaying charts, filling them with various indicators and performing technical analysis.  This is why we decided to not complicate the trading terminal or to overload it with technical details.  we have instead focused on the ease of the quotations display for several cryptocurrency exchanges in one place. Our service is unique – you can not only see all the quotations displayed in one place, but you can also perform trading transactions on any cryptocurrency exchange that is connected to our service. This is all accessible through a single page of your Personal Cabinet!